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Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata

This post is simply to draw your attention to the film Persona Non Grata, available on YouTube via the link. It should have had 10, 000 times more views than it has.

It’s 15 minutes long. Watch it now!

It stands out from the usual YouTube fare in two ways. It’s production values are professional standard and that’s a rarity in men’s issues (Cassie Jaye aside).

The other unusual feature is lack of hyperbole. Yes, there are many child contact battles which are far more egregious than depicted here. No shortage. But this film represents a very typical case which is happening in bulk throughout the land as has been for several decades now.

Let me draw your attention to some rough statistics (for England & Wales), drawing on this source, data for 2016…

  • About 113,000 divorce petitions (108,290 granted);
  • Just under 48,000 private law cases in the family courts. (These are the cases involving child custody and contact disputes);
  • 165,000 children involved in private law orders;
  • (I suspect this double accounts – my estimate ~100,000 different children involved);
  • Number of injunction orders ~26,000 (of which 24,000 are non-molestation orders for domestic violence allegations);
  • About 270,000 children affected by parental separation (150,000 via divorces and 120,000 for which the parents were never married)

A parent normally assumes they have a legal right to bring up their child.

Taken from numerous first hand accounts, the 15 minute film shows how our legal system does not protect our children from a parent who is pathologically selfish. There is nothing written in law to uphold the equality that most parents assume is their legal right.