Men and Boys’ Issues in Brief

A very brief bullet point list of men and boys’ issues follows. For a slight amplification of what these issues entail – but still in brief – read the Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys.

  • Educational disadvantage of boys, from aged 5 to university.
  • Lack of recognition of, or assistance for, male victims of partner abuse.
  • Men’s shorter life expectancy.
  • Substantially less research funding on men-only diseases compared with women-only diseases.
  • Male suicide rates are 3.8 times that of females, suicide being the commonest cause of death in males under 45.
  • Men have virtually no paternity rights.
  • Paternity fraud is rife, is extremely damaging to men, but society regards it as just fine.
  • The family courts discriminate outrageously against fathers.
  • False allegations are commonly used as a tactic against men in the family courts.
  • One in three fathers do not live with their children, most often against their wishes.
  • The bar is being ever lowered on what is regarded as sexual assault by males on females, whilst the penalties are becoming more severe. The result is that women have the power to destroy a man for minor offences or issues of perception.
  • In contrast, sexual assault of males (of all ages) by females remains largely unrecognised by society and the criminal justice system alike.
  • Grossly inequitable treatment of men and women in the criminal justice system. Three out of every four men in prison would not be there if they were treated like women.
  • Whilst we hear a great deal about the “pay gap”, it is women who spend most of the money, whoever earns it.
  • For full time workers under 35 years old, women’s median pay rate exceeds that of men. This pay advantage in favour of younger women is likely to increase as men’s educational fortunes sink further.
  • There is a gender pay gap in favour of men for older full time workers only because women tend to prioritise work-life balance over earnings and men tend to do the opposite. Men therefore work substantially more hours per week, and work for more continuous years. The pay gap merely means that men work more and are home less – some privilege.
  • Men are 96% of workplace fatalities, and are far more likely to suffer injuries at work or to get work related diseases than women.
  • Women seek “equality” with men only in desirable occupations (consultants, professors, Board members, MPs, etc) not in the jobs that 99% of men do – the nasty, dirty, dangerous jobs that lead to the above fatalities.
  • Men (or boys) are more likely to be the victims of violence than women (or girls) – despite the constant exhortations that we should “end violence against women”.
  • Around 90% of homeless rough sleepers are men.
  • 99% of war deaths and casualties are men.
  • Female genital mutilation is illegal and universally reviled. Male genital mutilation is regarded as perfectly acceptable and without disbenefit to the man (it isn’t). Half a million African boys killed or maimed in the last eight years by botched circumcisions goes unnoticed.
  • Female suffering is newsworthy, male suffering is not (e.g., Boko Haram – how many people know that their main activity is killing boys?).
  • There is a lack of action on under-representation of men in certain professions, contrasting with the huge focus on assisting women into areas where they are under-represented (e.g., STEM, though women now dominate in STEMM).
  • Male-only organisations have systematically been obliged to accept females, whilst the reverse is not true.

For a little more detail on these issues read the Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys.

For far more detail, read the rest of this site – or the associated Wiki:

25 thoughts on “Men and Boys’ Issues in Brief

  1. Groan

    This is an interactive site just published by the Gov. One can quickly find the “pay gap” for different occupations. So for instance Psychologists the gap is 9% in favour of women much higher for midwives (no surprise there) similar gaps for women in Podiatry and other health professions. Readers may be interested to see their industry or do their own comparisons. If nothing else (as in the case for Midwives) it demonstrates the daftness of the figures of “gap”.

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  3. MGTOW-man

    The dress code. Women are nearly free to wear what they want to work. Even in professional environments, women get to wear more comfortable, airy, colorful and “fun” clothing while men must wear drab-colored suits and neck ties that stiffen and choke them all day. If a man dared to show up to work in “modified” tank tops like a lot of women do, we all know what would happen to those men. If suits are required, both men and women should be required to wear them, else relax the rules for men’s attire. Women can show up with their breasts practically hanging out and considered professional and/or suitable, but let a man show up with his top shirt button open and he is “flashing his chest…hating and hurting women.”

    Equality must mean equal dress codes.

    1. Deecosis

      As a former Design technology Teacher the dress code issue was always baffling to me. I had to insist that girls with long hair tied their hair up before working with machinery as they could get cough and scalped. But when I addressed the risk of male students and staff being at risk due to their ties and been pulled in by a slip knot around their throats, and asked if we could take off ties in the classroom. The answer was “That’s the dress code, just move the tie out the way.”

      I had to weld, braze, hammer, saw and drill in a full suit where the female art teachers came in wearing flipflops vest tops floaty skirts and giant hoop ear rings.

  4. Kris Gray

    I forgot to mention.
    Men are constantly being dumbed down on TV shows, they are either stupid and constantly being pushs around by women i.e ‘Scott and Bailey’ being a prime culprit, or bullies i.e Phil Mitchell, although the list is endless. So girls grow up thinking it’s all right to control the lives of men because they are all b******* anyway. Woman are constantly shown as being the boss, especially cop shows, no wonder our young men are failing at school, what do they have to look forward too? Either doing the dirty/tough jobs women can’t or won’t or to be cannon fodder for the next war.
    Who’d be a boy these days?

  5. Kris Gray

    All very well complaining, I agree with all points on this site, but what are we doing about it? Let’s face it, it was men who brought in all these rules and regulations to favour women over men, can we really complain? So, what are we going to do about it?

  6. Douglas

    You list ‘There is no gender pay gap for people under 40 years old” but this is mis-stated. An absolutely exact average earnings between the sexes is highly unlikely: there is almost certainly goig to be some difference. (Average annual earning, before tax, is the only basis for ‘pay gap’, regardless of hours worked, usefulness of education, years in service, commute distance or any other metric which would obviously be needed to really understand if there might be discrimination.)

    So the statement should be ‘There is a gender pay gap for people under 40 years old which ‘discriminates’ against men.’

    While you point out that it is women who spend most of the money, whoever earns it, you omit to point out that average INCOME (totalling earned and un-earned) is greater for women than men.

  7. Partridge

    Male-only organisations have systematically been obliged to accept females, whilst the reverse is not true.

    The Scouting movement, for example. Golf clubs, and so on. However, while they may be obliged to accept females, they are not obliged to accept feminists.

    I look forward to the day when it is widely recognised that feminism is a man-hating totalitarian ideology based on false history and lies. It just needs one organisation, either within academia or in wider society, to have the guts to stand up to these feminist bullies.

    When the tide eventually turns, they will be swept away.

  8. Dave Brown

    Hello. I am doing research on Domestic Violence protection orders.

    In AVFM article that you wrote, you claim that police can kick you from you home for 29 days? My impression from the governemtn website is the lengh of time is 48 hours. The way the government sites word it is confusing.

    Can you update me on current DVPO laws please?

  9. Meinaime

    This page links to RedPillUK, but I’m forbidden access.

    (Thanks for all the work on I think I’ve read the lot.)

        1. William Collins Post author

          I watched your film yesterday, as it happens. I am happy to recommend it to others, . It is a realistic portrayal of how the family courts operate & how PA arises. I would like to do a post on the stats on PA, though getting hold of such data is notoriously difficult, not least due to the family courts operating in secret and accountable to no one. If I manage such a post, I’ll link to your film again.

  10. Meinaime

    I would add the failure of family courts to respect pre-nups. (I’m 58 and living off my savings. I dare not share my house with a woman as I cannot afford to risk losing half my money.)

  11. Eubie

    This is a nice, crisply written list. I would make a small suggestion: the jobs men work that women don’t want often are referred to as ‘dirty, difficult, and/or dangerous,’ thus allowing for the phrase ‘3D jobs,’ a more easily remembered and referenced short-hand term.

  12. PeterPan

    really good list, might

    – car
    insurance is lower for woman (as woman do not claim insurance as often as man
    does, woman have less accidents) This is gender bias and segregation, yet

    health care contribution to privet or public health system is the same even
    when woman exercise 70%! More visits to doctors then man do and this exclude
    pregnancy visits!

    – It’s
    perfectly acceptable for woman to have numerous Business awards exclusive to
    their gender but man’s awards are inclusive to woman otherwise are considered

    – woman
    initiatives to start business and even study are exclusive just to woman and
    there are no initiatives to help already struggling boys and man in education
    and businesses in similar capacity as woman enjoy.

    – No
    government body to represent man issues in similar capacity as Office for Woman
    for over 40 decades!

    lower test for some occupations for woman only but not for obese or mentally
    incapacitated man

    – sex
    discriminatory laws at work places are disadvantage man, woman who can’t
    perform the jobs at the same levels as man is are given to, to avoid law
    suites! (i.e.;.. manger positions in banks, tire retreat company in Sydney had
    to employ tiny young woman to do hard physically demanding job (some man had
    been denied this online position!). The manager had lost his job who had denied
    her the position, then next one as the production had suffered due to her not
    being able to keep up with the speed of the line and other worked had do assist
    her doing her task not just theirs! Soon after she had left hers job as it was too
    hard. How many men need it to pay for her misguided aspirations? Who had payed
    for her consequences? The man, I can provide more information if needed.

    – Retirement
    age difference and as mentioned before man’s lives shorter after retirement,
    hence the benefit to support woman is greater than man.

    drugging boys at school to inhabit and control theirs behaviour! Removal of
    school physical activities, not running, severe punishment including
    suspensions from schools for playing innocent guns/war games. This further disadvantages boys and is
    directly linked to future study’s drop out!
    Competition which is part of growing as a boy is weeded out in place of
    cooperation and majority consensus. (See how this had worked out for bunch woman
    placed on island!? A TV show similar to survivors)

    Media betrayal of a man and
    boys in TV, adds as “slow” etc…

    I finish here, it seems to
    me there is big plan to handicap boys and man just to achieve unfear advantages
    for woman, from healthcare, education to sentencing! On every level!


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